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  • Chris Farlie

Dixie Darling - Tired Of Writing Love Songs

Based in Brighton and only 19, Dixie Darling seems set to raise her profile considerably with her latest single "Tired Of Writing Love Songs". It takes Dixie's well worked lyrics and attaches then to a superior sounding production to make a classic little pop country single.

It opens to Dixie pouring out her heart over some simple yet effective guitar work and gentle percussion which perfectly sets the mood. This a real crossroads moment but only one party seems to be aware of it.

"Been writing these lines like a thousand times

Just so you can try to hear me

So we're sat in my room and I sing to you

It feels like you refuse to see - beneath reality"

The chorus when it comes is a much bigger production than you imagine it is going to be and is a chance to vent frustration about the state of the relationship she is in. Dixie's delivery is pure pop luring you in with a chorus and perhaps it is only on reflection that the depth of the hurt really starts to sink in to the listerner.

"I'm tired of writing love songs - for you like the last one

If you never listen to the words

I'm tired of always singing to you about my feelings

If you don't believe, then it never works"

In truth this is probably more of a goodbye song - there seems little hope for a relationhip where one partner says

"There's a thousand things that I need to say, like how I'm far away from knowing you

But It feels like I'm living a lie - I don't say what's on my mind, to you"

and any future decisions do have real consequences for as Dixie reveals

"And never can I write a song that ain't about you - or something you do

But every time I try to make it right I lose"

For someone of such a tender age there's a great deal of pop sensibility going on in the production - the marked differences in how the chorus is approached each time being one - the most affecting time being the one where the band fade leaving Dixie's vocals out front and proud as she relays her feelings. Hopefully this single won't get lost in the run up to Christmas as it's a definite little gem waiting to be discovered.

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