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  • Chris Farlie

Demi Marriner - Because Of Her

A new single of sorts for Demi Mariner, for although it was released in a limited physical format in 2019 it has never been available in an online format until now. With the current pandemic still stopping live performances to a major degree. Demi has put her debut album on hold for the moment and released this song which resonates somewhat with the current times where the nations mental health is being tested as never before.

Once again proving that sometimes less is more, the song was recorded around one microphone with exceptional contributions on guitar and cello by Robbie Cavanagh and Isobel Williamson respectively.

Ultimately though it is down to Demi to personalise this tricky subject, and attempting to portray the feelings of angst, confusion and frustration which she does startlingly well.

The "Her" referred to in the title is a personification of mental health as Demi says “She is the negative second version of yourself. When she goes out she goes the long way "To avoid the people, feeling so unequal, even the simple act, of saying hello". The song plays out all the feelings within the context of a relationship, and the pressures that brings clearly come out in the lines "She's the only one that sticks around when you say we're through" and the realisation that "You didn't ask for this". It is a stunningly sympathetic portrayal, and it is no wonder that there has been public demand to make this song more widely available.

As mentioned the track originally appeared on her Tales EP which probably ( if there was one ) would surely have won the award for best ever packaging by a UK Americana artist ever!

Housed in a lovely DIY cover with a heart shaped fastening, came not only the CD, but a polaroid linked to one of the tunes, an insert with the track listings and credits and a lovely personalised luggage tag. It is a lovely artefact that went to show just how special the project was to Demi and it great to be able to finally give it some overdue credit.

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