Deeanne Dexeter - 4AM

Single number 2 from solo Deeanne Dexeter and it's sure to get tongues wagging if not only for it's excellence than for the lyrics which may well get some agreeing nods from the performing community out there as they see themselves reflected in an all to familiar light. Co written with Laura Oakes and Alex Maile this ballad lays out quite bluntly what sacrifices it takes to be in a relationship with a performer.

Proving that you don't need bells and whistles to make an excellent single this comes with the minimum of playing and production with each member not wasting so much as a single note. From the opening guitar, the sparse keyboard contributions, and the gentle percussion all play their part in reflecting the attention towards Deeanne's vocals and she is more than happy to lay down another excellent confident performance.

The chorus lays things on the line "I'm used to coming home with the lights on, somebody to lay my day on, make it all fade away, someone to talk to about every little thing even when it's 4AM" and this is then followed by a somewhat sad acceptance "That's all I need - It's enough for me - I'm not sure it's enough for you and if we're through I'll get used to that too".

Always an exemplary performer Deeanne has returned to the scene seemingly with a belief in her own abilities that the rest of us already shared, the success of this song depends on our empathy with the singer and she perfectly captures a level of vulnerability mixed with a steely acceptance and readiness to move on that makes this single so compelling.

With a further 2 tracks to come to make what is likely to be one of the stand out UK Americana EP's of 2020 our only regret is not being able to see Deeanne in her element, playing this live to an adoring audience but that day is surely coming soon and it is going to be well worth the wait.

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