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  • Chris Farlie

Danny Smart - You & Me

Something of a surprise from Danny Smart, normally the purveyor of high octane, hot rocking tunes with a corking band behind him, as this time he has gone for a open honest ballad in "You & Me"

The song opens with just an acoustic guitar and Scott Poley's pedal steel almost wailing in the background as he lays out a somewhat desperate situation

"You and me we ain't what we used to be

It ain't so hard to see we're growing apart"

All relationships go through troubles at some point and this one most certainly seems to be at a tipping point and it is often at such times that things become most clear - it certainly seems to be that way when Danny sings

"Cos if you were thinking of leaving it's time that you know that I've been a fool far too long I ain't faking no more"

The second verse sees the arrival of percussion and a mandolin to fill out the sound and the pedal steel becomes more prominent even getting its own solo later in the song. Danny's vocals are heartfelt, suitably downbeat, almost apologetic in that opening verse, admitting failings, realising the situation he and his partner find themselves in, "the way we do these things - I don't know why". The second verse sees a slight change in his vocal timbre, as he happily reflects back on earlier days in the relationship.

"Dance with me under this old oak tree just like an old movie way back in time

Times like these are etched in my memory when love come so easily remember that time"

The chorus is a yearning statement of just how much this relationship means and is quite beautifully sung closing on the line.

"There ain't a thing that baby I need except you and me"

It is something of a departure for Danny, but this self produced effort really shines a light on just how talented a songwriter he is.

You & Me is released 23rd October

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