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  • Chris Farlie

Danny Smart - Blackbird

Every so often the Bard of Barnsley - Danny Smart brings out a new release and each time it comes with a new sound, which is both different and refreshing and this time round is no exception. From the opening fiddle and banjo it is immediately clear that he has struck gold once more.

Danny's opening words are met with a glorious band sound, with a thumping back beat and sterling guitar work adding to the already up front sound, the results are unstoppable

"Blackbird where do you fly -

does this world look different in your eyes?

You were born to fly - let your wings take you high

The addition of female backing vocals only add to the sheer unadulterated entertainment of it all.

The key line would seem to be

"You were born to be free not a prisoner like me" though Danny doesn't explicitly say why he feels this way although many of us have felt that way over the last year or so.

To top things off there is also an electric guitar solo adding to the overall oomph, resulting in one of the most breakneck three minutes you'll hear all year - hugely enjoyable.

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