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  • Chris Farlie

Danny McMahon - Better Like That

As a live performer Danny McMahon is in a class of his own, he fronts a loud hook driven, kick ass band and rarely leaves the stage anything other than drenched in sweat, such is the Springteeen like effort he puts into every show.

Performing live and recording are two entirely different things and although he has pumped out many good singles, we're not completely convinced he has been able to harness that vitality and sheer power into a three minute tune.

With "Better Like That" things are definitely heading in the right direction, there's a big pounding drum sound that echo the oomph from those live shows while still finding room for the little production tweaks that Danny is so fond of.

Lyrically it is quite an odd situation, with Danny seemingly unable to accept separation from someone who has left "wanting more". To say it is still a sore point is no understatement - it is pretty evident from the lyrics that there is a strange combination of bitterness, torture and love going on in Danny's mind. Co written with our favourite Dane, Daniel Borge, that mixture of feelings is never more evident than in the following lines.

"That designer bag really suits your outfit - it's not a fake I know cos I bought it!

You're pulling in every guy on the dance floor"

The strongest feelings however are the desires to relive the positive images that remain so vivid in his memory

"I see you in my t shirt with yesterdays makeup on, your hair in a messy bun"

We leave the drama at something of a pivotal moment with the evening drawing to a close and Danny wishing to try his luck one last time.

There are a number of nice little production details from the somewhat attention grabbing quirky opening seconds through to the percussion of the sound of a clock prior to the line "The clock is ticking it's time to go". With guitars (both electric and pedal steel ) given prominence to shine this could be the start of Danny moving to the next level in his career.

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