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  • Chris Farlie

Daisy Chute - Women

It comes as something of a mixed pleasure to be reviewing Daisy Chute's new single, it is magnificent and shows that protest singing is alive and well - the sadness is that it needs to be written at all however all to common horrific headlines of violence towards women and the deaths of Zara Aleena, Sabina Nessa and Sarah Everard only reinforce that this is a message that should be heard.

There are a number of things occurring during this song, contrast the beauty of Daisy's voice against the harsh reality of the words that she is singing

"I turn around I see you there

Vacant eyes behind the stare

Are you the last that I will see?

Am I another soon to be?"

It goes on to paint a harsh picture of the reality of modern day life

"I summon up a part of me that no-one usually sees

To give my body what it needs to stop the buckle of my knees

and wrap my fist around my keys"

Daisy nails the uncomfortable truth that more time is spent addressing women as if it is their problem rather than facing up to the issue of the real perpetrators.

"Who tells the guilty stop what they do?

Who tells the silent, their words matter too?

Who tells the dismissives, yes this is a song?

and who tells the victim this isn't your faul?t"

Beautifully sung either to an acoustic guitar, stirringly with a band or at times almost a capella - this is a message thoughfully delivered, maybe at times uncomfortable, yet essential to be heard.

"Women" is available now

It will feature on Daisy's forthcoming EP 'Maiden, Mother Crone’ due for release on April 14th.

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