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  • Chris Farlie

Church Of Roswell - The Witcher

A debut and somewhat unusual release from Nashville based Church Of Roswell. who bill themselves as a Nashville based conceptual collective formed by singers, songwriters and musicians, Candi Carpenter and Josh Doyle.

They seem to be going for the niche Country / X Files crossover market with this release complete with a suitably on message cover photo than only enhances their oddness.

Our interest was somewhat piqued by the musicians playing on this song, one imagines that members of Jason Isbell's band The 400 Unit: Derry deBorja (Hammond B3 organ), Chad Gamble (drums, percussion), Jimbo Hart (bass) and Sadler Vaden (electric guitar) do not give up their time to work on something with no artistic merit.

From the opening Duane Eddy style guitar intro, the 400 Unit provide an awesome background with a powerful rhythm section backed up with organ and guitar over which Candi and Josh lay down some fearsome vocals. As explained earlier, the subject matter is a little off beat so best move into Mulder & Scully mode to decypher

"Woke up with a headache and a bone hook in my back" or the subsequent lines

"I have fearful visions I can not put into words

I am crippled by the weight of carrying this curse"

"The Witcher" weird as it may be is incredibly enjoyable and has an exuberance that drives it along at a great pace.

It is quite frankly a bizarre concept but I suspect those willing to sign up to the Church Of Roswell are going to be in for a great ride because the music is so damn good Introduction to the Church Of Roswell

and if the Church Of Roswell madcap sense of humour intrigues you why not watch cooking with Church Of Roswell!!

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