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  • Chris Farlie

Chloe Chadwick - Shoot To Run

Having just released an EP you'd be forgiven for thinking that we would not be hearing from Chloe Chadwick again for a while however you'd be wrong - for she is back back back with a storming new single "Shoot TO run" If the EP very much concentrated on more recent events in Chloe's life then this single sees her tumbling back through time to her and indeed many of our childhoods. It was a time when the screens were full with The High Chaparral, Bonanza and The Virginian and every child could be found toting a cap gun!!

All of this and more is evoked in Chloe's latest and quite possibly greatest pop country single to date - it's as if the previous EP has lifted a burden and she is singing with an absolute new found freedom.

Opening to a strident guitar opening before developing into pure Fleetwood Mac territory - this is a pure joy, instantly raising a smile with addition of some castanets

"Grab a horse saddle up, and take a ride with me.

To the western world where the daring rebels meet.

Claiming rights to barren lands and southern plains.

Shooting arrows & guns to the heart of the enemy."

The chorus when it comes is something to savour - as Chloes saddles up and let's rip on the vocal!

"With the cowboys and Indians we go.

Riding through Arizona canyons to New Mexico."

Produced by Tom and Matt Bishop who also provide drum/bass and some sterling lead guitar work respectively - this is a little pop masterpiece right down to the sudden ending - loved every second of it.

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