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  • Chris Farlie

Charm Of Finches - River

As each Christmas comes and goes #TEAMw21 Towers gets inundated with different versions of Joni Mitchell's classic "River" so it seemed quite odd to have one arrive just as Spring seemed to have arrived.

The latest version comes from Australian sisters Mabel and Ivy WIndred-Wornes better known as Charm Of Finches who sit somewhere between Wildwood Kin and Ward Thomas and who are about to hit our shores for an extensive UK tour.

It turns out that it was not particularly the Christmas lines of the song that caught their attention however rather the lines

"I wish I had river so long, I would teach my feet to fly"

After a slightly unsettling open 10 seconds of intro, ( unsettling as I can't quite put my finger on what instrument is making it ) Charm Of Finches version is a straight acoustic affair with a couple of acoustic guitars and wonderful harmonies especally as they linger over the "feet to fly" words. It is but a taster of what is to come but if the love and respect paid to this song are any indicator then they'll have plenty to offer.

It immediately sent us heading to their soon to be released album "Wonderful Oblivion" which only confirms that this tour will be one that you'll be glad we told you about. It looks like the arrival of Finches will be the signal for some great music this Spring!

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