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  • Chris Farlie

CeeV - Lonely Night

There's something very engaging about the new track from CeeV,  (pronounced like 'Key' but with a 'V' on the end) otherwise known as Caoimhe McAleavey. It's raw, it's basic but completely addictive and the more you listen the more you realise quite how much is going on.

From the initial guitar and vocal, there is a confidence in both the performing and the writing, the opening couplet "Running through a forest and i'm afraid to make a sound, a million eyes are staring at me but I'm the only one around" immediately grabs the listener with it's cinematic imagery. and paranoia.

The chorus more than hints at insomnia, the night time rather than being relaxing sees CeeV mentally more awake than ever "Lonely night I'm running can you get me through the dark it's nearly morning and I'm running from the start", all this backed by frenetic energetic drum beat that ferociously drives this song along.

By the time the track approaches the end, it is delightfully rawkus, with the drums and cymbals thrashing around and the guitar work getting ever wilder counteracted by CeeV's vocals staying ever in control. It's wonderful life affirming stuff - loved every second of it and looking forward to hear more from CeeV asap!

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