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  • Chris Farlie

Carolina East - All The Things

Caroline East hails from Canada and with a new album due in May 2021 called "Soaked In Whiskey" this latest release represents the fourth single to come from that album.

"All The Things" is a look at how a break up shakes not only your immediate foundations but alters your whole future timeline and it's hopes and aspirations.

Carolina's writing style on this single is pretty direct and the break up is replayed capturing every awkward moment exactly as it occurred,

!I heard you sigh heavy before you started to speak

and I knew what was coming next

You ran your fingers through your hair and lingered on your words before you left"

All this plays out over a subdued yet atmospheric combination of piano and synths which then bursts into action on the chorus as Carolina outlines the full effect of what this means

"I didn't just lose you, it's our future memories. like when you take my hand and get down on one knee

It's the wedding dress, the day our world that's upside down cos its a girl".

The second verse deals with the harsh realities of clearing out closets and of things to be collected before leading into a second chorus boosted by additional backing vocals.

It is at the bridge however where Carolina truly lets her vocals explode into life as she sings over an ever growing background of strings which heightens the intensity of the outpouring emotions

"It's everything that we were dreaming of"

It's heartfelt material as it captures finding out how the person you thought was going to be at the centre of your future life isn't going to be there.

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