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  • Chris Farlie

Caitlin Mae - Seasons Change

Caitlin Mae comes with many attributes that will surely serve her well over her future career. First is her highly distinctive voice - not necessarily a traditional Americana voice yet it reaches out and grabs you whenever you hear it, secondly is her uncanny ear for a good tune "Seasons Change" follows on from the excellent "Fiona" and her back catalogue is littered with many other gems. The third asset she has is a name for her growing band of followers "The Dreamers"

"Seasons Change" is a delightfully simple tune, at first seemingly just Caitlin and an acoustic guitar and although they remain the primary focus throughout there is a subtle piano and a gradual build up of sound that elevates this song far beyond just that. It also finds Caitlin in a personal reflective mood with a lovely lyrical light touch.

"Seasons Change" reflects on how as time passes, relationships can develop in unexpected ways

"8 years old with the world in our hands - 10 years later and I've changed all my plans

You lit a fire in me with just one spark - it burns the same as before you broke my heart"

It is when Caitlin comes to the chorus that her individuality really stands out

"Funny how seasons change - thought I'd have a boyfriend and a dog with a clever name

Funny how I'm to blame, when all I did was play by every rule in your stupid game

We were gonna to live together - then be neighbours with secret tunnels

We had it all mapped out - ain't so funny - now!"

The lines alternate between the hopes of childish fantasy and then the harshness of adult reality - the way that the final line pauses just before the final word gives it extra emphasis.

The second verse is brutal at times as Caitlin opens up on how far things have unravelled

"I'm not sold on your "I made a mistake - you made your bed of roses and betrayal

Now you're telling stories of how I'm mad - but don't forget the part when you hurt me re-al bad"

With Caitlin's unique phrasing and choice turn of phrase this really whets the appetite for what her forthcoming EP will deliver.

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