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  • Chris Farlie

Brooke Law - Wild As I Was

Heading to Buckle & Boots this weekend for a second successive year is Brooke Law, and just in time for that appearance comes her latest single "Wild As I Was". It is always the hubris of youth to imagine that your generation is much more exciting and edgy thnt those before you - however what if that were not quite true?

The song plays out therefore as a reminiscence, initially there's a brief outline in how you can become a wild child

"Our parents had split

Our family of six

They were too busy

To notice I was missing

I was in the middle of it"

Musically, the verses are quite brooding as they recall a grittier time - its the chorus where musically and lyrically everything happens. The chorus all but bounces along propelled by drums and guitars as Brooke goes into character to relay wild tales form the past.

"My spiked up hair

My second-hand dress

Somebody asked me

always say yes

I never called my Mama

Would you dare run away West

Get on a bike if somebody said

Thank God I’m your mama

Thank God you’re not

as wild as I was"

The title is then repeated by Brooke at varying levels of volume.

The later verses show a quite tender side as this tearaway teenager reveals she is quite happy that her own child is not quite as wild and carefree.

There's a nice chorus that sees just Brooke and a piano for a few lines that reminds us just how versatile her singing can be - the closing section in contrast allows Brooke to run wild with her vocals over the chorus and gives a glimpse of the power about to be unleashed at Buckle & Boots.

"Wild As I Was" has a video with a perfect location - The Ace Cafe on the North Circular in West London with Brooke perfectly placed under the sign reading "The Worlds Number One" and who could argue with that?!!

Wild As I Was is available 26th May

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