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  • Chris Farlie

Brooke Law - We All Need Saving

Brooke Law is our hottest tip to surprise people at Buckle & Boots 2022 and a taster of just how good she'll be, comes with her new single "We All Need Saving". Its release is perfectly timed for Mental Health Week as it concerns how our mental health was affected during the lockdown.

The single is basically Brooke and her guitar, there is a pedal steel guitar and few other instruments make a fleeting supporting appearance but in essence that is it. It perfectly captures how Brooke can move from a silky smooth delivery on the opening chorus through to the controlled all out raspy rocker sound that could front the heaviest of combos later on - she is equally adept at both, and it is this ability to effortlessly switch between that really caught our attention when we first saw her play this song a few months ago.

"It's all right to not be fine, cos we're all waiting, I'm just saying

Go on and cry, don't apologise, cos we're all aching

and we all need saving sometimes"

The song touches on the questions that a lot of people had when their world changed from the established normality to a constant state of flux that we are only now just emerging from

"What ever happened to being sure?

Aren't we all worth fighting for

Am I too much or am I enough?"

It's a compelling 3 minutes and it is the differing tones in Brooke's delivery that make it such an interesting listen.

Here's just a few places that you can catch up with this exciting performer.

The Hard Rock Hotel - 26th May

Buckle and Boots Festival - 5th June

Eccleston Yards - 12th June

The Pig, Brockenhurst - 18th June

Cornbury Festival - 8th July

Country Music Festival - 3rd September

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