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Brooke Law - Home

It is not often that we review a single that is three years old but when they are this good we will definitely make an exception. If there is any justice in the world, this should be playing out in shops across the land as the run up to Christmas begins.

From the first 10 piano notes that perfectly evoke a Christmas vibe, this song takes no prisoners. It is jam packed with drama, lovely little details that really make it believable and surely the first ever reference in a pop song of the phrase "Hot Toddy's!". This in many ways has all the hallmarks of classic songwriting, firstly a cracking tune, secondly a simple premise - this one is just wanting someone beloved to come back home, and finally keep it simple and uncluttered - this ticks all the boxes and then some.

The opening couplet sets the scene, perfectly, it gives us some information yet leaves plenty for the listeners imagination to fill in. It is never expressly revealed why the person cannot come "Home",which again allows each person the chance to interpret the lyrics according to their own situation.

Brooke plays the part perfectly of someone thinking their deepest thoughts aloud

"We were meant to go away this year, and spend Christmas right here, right where we always do

Haven't dressed the tree quite yet - you always fix the tinsel best - I guess I might have to

Right now I don't even wanna be ......."

Brooke and co writer Sophie Ackroyd will approach the chorus via different lead in's each time, another classic songwriting technique.

"Home - till you come back home - The front door is the only bell that I want to hear ringing

Come back home - when it snows - wrap me up and keep me warm the only thing I want is you home"

The second verse only ups the feelings of isolation and loneliness

"Everything is red and gold - winter's never been so cold - could you light the fire please" - the angst in that final word is palpable and you can all but feel Brooke shivering.

"Hot toddy doesn't taste the same - I'm writing presents with your name - that you won't get to see

Until you're gonna come back to me"

The second visit to the chorus ups the ante musically - there are little flourishes in the background, the faint Christmas bells get ever louder, it all adds to the overall build up of sound

Brooke's vocal on the bridge exemplifies why she is such a special talent, the first half of which sees her slide through the scales in a silky smooth fashion before giving us just a burst of power on the final home in "Will you come back home" ending in a wonderful controlled extended note

"Sat here at the table and I'm saving you a place - I know you're coming later and I know you're on your way

Back home, will you come back home? Will you come back home?

The third visit to the chorus is at first brutally stark - just Brooke and the piano and then things fleetingly explode into action with strings and backing vocals, this time Brooke's final mention of the word "Home" is the end of the song apart from a piano outro that references the introductory piano phrase..

Clocking in at just under 3 minutes - "Home" the best present you could give anyone this year!!

Home The Video :

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