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  • Chris Farlie

Broadtree & Maddie Corinne

If you are in need of an antidote to the Christmas tunes that seem to have been playing in store since mid November then the perfect answer is "Don't Come Home For Christmas" by Broadtree and Maddie Coriinne which manages to take all the images you might expect from a tune at this time of year and then completely turns it on its head

"Well the turkey's in the oven, presents underneath the tree

It's a peaceful silent night, snow is falling in the street

Mamma's gravy on the stovetop, there's magic in the air

And the greatest gift of all is that you won't be there!"

It is all attached to a rather cracking tune of guitar, banjo's and piano managing to extract the feeling akin to Phil Spector's Christmas records with just a little less budget.

Christmas singles have been arriving at #TEAMw21 Towers since October but this little gem from Canada may just be our favourite of this years crop. It's fun it's irreverant and it is just damn good!!

Managing to shoehorn in as many Christmas tunes as possible into the lyrics, matched with a lovely acerbic turn of phrase, this is the perfect song for the person you no longer want in you life. The lines and the laughs come thick and fast - take your pick

"Grandma got run over by a reindeer - I'll say you got run over by a John Deere"


"Don't come down the chimney - cos honey if you do

I've got a shiny brand new baseball bat - under my tree just for you!"

An absolute must for your Christmas playlist!!!

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