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  • Chris Farlie

Brian Collins - When The Sun Gets In Your Eyes

Destined to see his UK profile raise immeasurably when he takes to the road in support of Kezia Gill later in the year is Brian Collins. He is no overnight success though and comes with a wealth of gems in his back catalogue, to be joined by his latest single "When The Sun Gets In You Eyes" which although welcoming you in with a warming singalong chant and clapping actually contains some darker material within.

It addresses some of the trappings that can come with being musician and how you can easily lose yourself. Each verse is effectively giving a heading Blind, Lost, High & Crash which are then expanded upon in greater detail - showing how one can quickly descend


I swear I was blind

Well the light made me high

and I can't find my way"

The chorus spells out even clearer, just how things can sneak up in you when you are caught in the trappings of fame and adulation, the metaphor of the sun blinding you to your own failings works well contrasting with the bright lights of being onstage or being caught in the photographers lens.

"When a dream shines so bright,

And the wrongs feel so right,

But the truth is the surprise,

Sneakin' up on you,

It's hard to see when the sun gets in your eyes"

The sun theme follows through into the third verse echoing the story of Icarus whose wings failed when despite warnings he flew to close to the sun.


Yeah I climbed too high

Bumped head on the sky

and the fall felt like flying


Yeah I burned and crashed

Till I heard "God laugh"

That's when I stopped crying"

Unlike Icarus though Brian's story does come with a level of redemption and comeback, and finds him dealing with fame on his own terms, wiser from the experience.

"I'm gonna open up the window and feel the morning on my face

and if the weights on me that's alright cos I did it my way"

The song comes with a warming swathe of guitars and that chant as we remarked earlier simply materialises a good time vibe that immediately sees you break out into a smile. Brian has a commanding voice, able to confront his failings with the air of someone who has been there and done it, one that seems set to win a lot of adoring fans in the upcoming months.

When The Sun Gets In Your Eyes is available to order as Pre Release -and is set for release on 7th October,

The few remaining non sold out shows are listed below.

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