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  • Chris Farlie

Brian Collins - Keep Walking On

One of the casualties of the 2020 pandemic was the appearance in the UK for a tour that would have been destined to raise both eyebrows and awareness of Brian Collins. Instead, let your appetite be whetted by his latest single "Keep Walking On", a refreshing blend of country and soul.

For those unfamiliar with Brian, he has a rich timbre that is equally at home powering out a chorus as it is on a more soulful considered vocal, both of which get used here.

For this song, he has assembled a super smooth unfussy band and supplemented them with some splendid backing singers who give their all to become a veritable choir, really giving the song a spiritual lift when they join in. There are no superfluous clicks, just an ensemble providing the right backing to allow the singer to shine.

Using the metaphor of walking to cover our journey through life, Brian is able to ponder on many of the things that we pick up along the way, acknowledging not all things work out but that we often emerge the stronger from the ones that test us,

"It's the only way to learn which bridge to cross and which one to burn

and you might not get their first, and the road is long - keep walking on"

Brian appears the eternal optimist, which is not the easiest of things in these current times, but it shines through in words as to what pushes him on "I have to keep on believing there's more" and you cannot help but be uplifted by spending three and half minutes in his company.

With a back catalogue that is rich in similar quality material and a new album due to land in 2021, there has never been a better time to get acquainted with Brian Collins.




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