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  • Chris Farlie

Bessie Deakin - Extended In Space

A new name to #TEAMw21, Bessie Deakin only played her first ever gig a little over a year ago, and in that time she's released a single and an EP of demos consisting of her and a piano. For this single she's revisited one of her songs from that EP "Extended In Space" and teamed up with the Fox Den Studio Band to transform it into something completely different which both intrigues and is completely enigmatic

The intro is now a bass and electric guitar that set the scene and then gently head off into an easy rhythm as if lifted from the beginning of a tv crime drama. There is undoubtedly something of a Fleetwood Mac vibe happening and it provides an idyllic background for the events that are to unfold. Bessie arrives along with a steady drum beat with a high almost detached voice as she unveils the opening couplet.

"Meet me at The Half Moon at 7:38 said that you were going to be a little bit late

Said you had a dog called Jim Morrison - he goes to the South of France on vacation"

Things develop and become ever stranger with someone clearly in a state of mental turmoil

Come to the graveyard it's where its safe - it's the living not the dead that I can't face"

The second verse sees Bessie offering a therapy of sorts

"Come to the piano it's begging for you - take me to the high notes no more singing the blues

No more living life dark and solitary - time to let the music run wild and free"

With a gloriously dreamy musical interlude this is one of those songs that immediately sends you back to the start to listen to it again and again. Bessie's soothing calm vocals seems to be an antidote to the ongoing events and have something of a hypnotic quality. This is the first track from an EP that is promised to arrive in the summer - possibly heralding the arrival of a major new artist if the rest of it is as good as this.

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