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  • Chris Farlie

Banjo Jen - Fine Line

There is undoubtedly something about singers who play banjo that tends to make them drift towards a very conversational style of singing and it is no different with Banjo Jen, hailing from Yorkshire with her new single "Fine Line". There are a couple of reasons you may hear more of Jen in the upcoming weeks, first off she has a new EP coming of which this is the first release, secondly she has a guest contributor on "Fine Line" in the shape of Lauren Housely performing backing vocals.

"Fine Line" is a little gem from Jen, it starts relatively low key with just a banjo and light percussion supporting for the opening lines:

"Never was born for settling down

Like a bullet from a gun I would leave this town

A cloud of dust behind me as I flew!"

It all seems as though Jen is set to leave until I "caught a glimpse of you". The you being a scruffy haired brown eyed individual asking Jen not to go.

Things at this point take a somewhat unexpected twist and the song both musically and lyrically draws you in, almost hypnotically, the music gradually builds in intensity while the lyrics keep you guessing as to what might happen next

"You took me in your arms you took me to your bed

You stole my heart and messed up my head

Showed me a love I never thought I'd know"

The second verse sees that wanderlust return for Jen, all relayed to us in Jen's folky retelling of events

"Looking back now it's hard to believe

How I didn't see it coming that I'd have to leave

Break your heart to go and find my way"

as the chorus makes clear

"It's a fine line baby, between falling in love and going crazy"

With the sound beefed up with a pedal steel and the backing vocals almost irresistably calling you to join in as the song develops, this is a fine introduction to Banjo Jen's new EP.

Fine Line is available to Stream or Download form 29th April

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