• Chris Farlie

Avery Anna - Narcissist Piano Version / Narcissist Single Version

One of hte best performances at The Indigo during C2C 2022 came from Avery Anna. It was a short set but one that made a lasting impression on all that saw it. Looking and sounding supremely confident even when things when a little awry she clearly marked herself as one to watch.

Her latest single is in fact a new version of one of her earlier singles "Narcissist", this time however it is just the piano and Avery, so close your eyes and just imagine for a few minutes that you are at the Indigo.

"Narcissist" is something of a brutally honest song with Avery sharing her feelings and also using the opportunity to vent some at the inspriration of the song.

"Out of touch with my feelings

I can't help it if I'm happy or sad

Today I cried for no reason

Made me feel like a psychopath"

The burst of emotions were caused by someone who even by Avery's own admision is easily summed up

"We both know you only love you

Did you know they have a name for that?"

The chorus sees Avery spell things out even clearer

"And I know you'll get over me But can you get over yourself? Before you go and love somebody else You should probably get some help"

The things that elevates this song is the realism that seeps out of every line of the lyrics, and you'd be amazed if the events detailed had not actually happened.

"My parents don't like you Why would they want to? After they found me crying on the bathroom floor I don't even like me anymore"

Other things that impress are the way that Avery has the confidence to not even use the title of the song in the lyrcs and the little vocal touches such as the way she phrases "get some help" with the "some" lingering on her tongue before the clipped "help" brings the line to a definite close. It is one of a few little vocal flourishes that perhaps elude the listener first time round but reveal themselves on subsequent visits.

The "Piano version" is pretty much perfect to the point that it is hard to ever believe that there was an earlier version yet it was precisely that earlier incarnation that brought Avery to our attention. The sound of the piano is tweaked and there is the arrival of strings in the opening verse.

The second verse sees the need to wildly accentuate the words "bathroom floor", and Avery has added some additional vocals however the most noticeable change is the arrival of drums played at a ferocious volume.

There's a fine line to be had between making something radio friendly which the original no doubt is and losing the essence of why the song was so strong in the first place and undoubtedly fans will be spilt as to which one they prefer.

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