Amy Stroup & Michael Logen - Something Good

For those with long memories Amy Stroup was part of Sugar & The Hi Lows, who supported ( and some may say blew off stage ) Kacey Musgraves at her Royal Albert show back in 2015. For those shows she was teamed up with highly esteemed Trent Dabbs and for this new single she is working with another #TEAMw21 favourite in the shape of Michael Logen who only the other day released a new record with The 615 Collective.

It is the sound of a simple acoustic guitar and some soothing vocal "oohs" that kick off "Something Good" before Amy with Michael just slightly lower in the mix sing

"Isn't this something, Isn't this something good?"

It is undoubtedly a feel good record and one that is able to exude a good time feeling with remarably little.

Instrumentally there is a little more than a gentle bit of percussion to beef up the overall sound of those guitars and lyrically this is not one of the most complex songs you'll ever come across, however genuinely happy songs are hard to find and this one has a distinct warmth, well being and innocence about it

"What's mine is yours

What's yours is mine

We've got all we need"

The second half of the lyrics perfectly capture these free spirits and with all the trials and tribulations of the current world, being along side them sounds like a great place to be.

"We're believers

We're gonna keep on smiling

We're the dreamers

Feeling alive yea

Here together"

The song kind of comes to an abrupt end as if all that needs to be said has been said. It features in the latest series of the Netflix show "Virgin River" ( Episode 4 if you wish to see it in context ) and is well worth taking 3 minutes out of any day to just kick off shoes and relax while listening to it.