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  • Chris Farlie

Ali Comerford - Knots

Having spent 14 years as a classically trained viola player touring the world playing other peoples music Ali Comerford has decided to instead concentrate on her own and the results are stunning. For this single it is just Ali and her piano singing of all things about being anxious, including being so about sharing her music which seems odd as it is so good.

For "Knots" there is no hiding place, it is just Ali's piano playing and her singing, her Irish lilt charmingly coming through certain times. It must be a brave thing to put this out knowing lines like

"It keeps me awake and it makes me wonder

If I am alone in this"

may not find an agreeing audience.

She needn't have worried, the only shame is how long these feelings may have left "my unheard songs still unsung".

With a style that hovers between classic 50's crooning and more regular folk singing the results are incredibly touching and intimate especially given the subject, it really feels that she is in the room with you sharing these most personal of feelings.

Ali needn't have worried as these feelings are not unique to her and just maybe singing it about might just inspire others to take their own small steps.

With an album to follow in July we feel sure we'll be returning to find out what else she has to share.

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