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  • Chris Farlie

Abbie & The Roses - What You've Done

Not sure how British Alternative Pop band, Abbie & The Roses. will feel about cropping up on a primarily Americana based site but a good tune is a good tune and for this one at least they could quite happily sit along side a number of acts we've previously covered that would consider themselves Americana based and you would not notice the difference.

Formed in London in 2018 by vocalist Abbie Rose,guitarist Nick Crowe and backing vocalist Maeve Brennan, Abbie & The Roses have had a good run of well crafted and well written singles.

"What You've Done" opens in dramatic style

"Pick me up put me down

Always doing what you want when you wanted

You don't have to worry cos i'm not yours now"

Abbie's vocals delivered to a pretty sparse backing of guitar and echo have a slight hint of bitterness to them mixed with a touch of resignation - I'm out and this is no longer my problem. It is all part of the maelstrom of a break up with emotions in something of a turmoil

The line "Hope that you can sleep with what you've done" carries that level of acidity while later there is also a bit of self reproach and confusion

"Why did I spend a lot of time wishing you'd stay?"

That early sound really develops more on the chorus, the guitar ups in urgency and the arrival of percussion and swirling backing vocals gives the track an almost oriental feel although the playing and singing is most definitely western - it all goes to make a single that is both compelling and absorbing, there's a lot to take in.

There is lots to discover in their back catalogue, the perfect pop of "All This Time" or the beautiful piano led "Atmosphere" just for starters.

So maybe not our normal fare, but lovers of Wildwood Kin or Foreign Affairs might find they share at times a kindred spirit in the shape of Abbie & The Roses

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