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  • Chris Farlie

49 Winchester - Damn Darlin'

So accusomed are we to hearing guitar intros that 49 Winchester's new single "Damn Darlin'" with its piano and organ opening seems almost revolutionary. It takes us back to the days of the piano troubadours and the opening lines only reinforce that feeling with a song recallng the events of a fateful night.

"It was the night before Christmas 1995

You broke her poor heart and she shattered you pride

Outside that little honky tonk in Nashville Tennessee

Neon never looked so dim to me"

It's a slight thing around which to build a song but the results probably chime with many where they've met the right person at the wrong time. After the parting of the ways he returns to the bar to carry on drinking however events conspire to play on his mind, the jukebox springs into life only to play her favourite song and he finds a little tear dropping into his glass.

Frontman Issac Gibson voice seems perfectly suited for being a great storyteller, and gives the character in this tale real depth leaving the chorus to perfectly sum his situation up

"Damn Darlin - why'd you have to leave me alone in this bar with no

Damn Darlin - Nashville you've broken my heart"

With an album to follow "Fortune Favours The Bold" - 49 Winchester will be ones to keep an eye on for sure.

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