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Vic Allen - Enough

Since we first come across Vic Allen at Buckles & Boots, she has done nothing but deliver a constant stream of high quality releases of which "Enough" is the latest. What we've always found impressive about her is that even when the song may only exist in the barest of acoustic formats she seems to have a clear vision of how the final product will sound. For "Enough" she has a Co Writer / Producer in the shape of the insanely talented Kaity Ray and together they have come up with, what at first seems a deceptively simple track that gradually reveals itself to be far from that, the more times you listen you gradually begin to pick out the little bits of attention to detail that are hidden in there.

Dealing with the quite simple premise of when do you say you are content, have enough and stopping pushing for more. For a performer one would imagine this is a real quandary for while to the outside world there is the seemingly glamorous life of touring, playing to adoring fans and releasing material which to many would seem to be enough, there needs to be that inner creative force that needs fulfilling, that is the fuel that drives this whole process - once that passion falls away the whole thing starts to unravel quite quickly.

So how on earth do you capture and address this in three and a half minutes? - well head on it would seem - Vic acknowledges "I should be happy so happy for I've got everything I need" but for her there will always be that realisation that "I've got more to give" and that she longs for the place "where the grass is just a brighter green".

Musically while it seems to be mainly based around a simple bit of acoustic strumming, however there is so much more than that going on, the background electronica noises that so often are the bane of a lot of current mainstream releases for once are nicely muted and for a change work in harmony with the track rather than against it. There is a lot of joy to be had from listening to quite how much attention has been paid to the background vocals and harmonies, as well as some nice little trickery occasionally played with the vocals that again add to rather than distract from the overall result.

We mentioned at the start Vic having an overall vision of how the end product will sound, that also follows through into how it will look - we've had a sneaky look at the accompanying video and it is well worth watching to see some familiar faces and for the eagle eyed a playful tease from Vic about the future.

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