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The Rising - Endless Summer

The award for most optimistic title of the year undoubtedly falls to The Rising for their latest release."Endless Summer" I guess "Endless Cloud" just doesn't have quite the same ring.

In many ways it delivers all of what is expected of a summer hit, there's a bright and breezy production and lead singer Chantelle McAteer makes a great narrator as she invites us over for "A little drink or two" as she want "to have some fun tonight".

It's a theme she carries through to the chorus "Buy me a drink, take me for a ride, stay in love with you the whole damn night". In many ways it hits a lot of the right buttons, young love, the beach, turning "the radio up", "the best time of my life". it encapsulates many of the things that make this time of year so exciting.

My only reservation is of the repeated "summer summer summer" on the chorus, which seems one step too many in trying to create the perfect summer hit, it's been used before by other artists and so slightly detracts from the rest of the song which would otherwise have been a pretty good way to see us through the summer months.

Endless Summer is available on all Digital Platforms

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