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Kezia Gill - I'm Here

Hot off the back of a string of Festival appearances is Kezia Gill with her latest single "I'm Here". Simplicity and honesty are 2 traits that will always serve an artist well and this single typifies both of these qualities in spades.

With no more than 2 acoustic guitars and a beautiful delivered vocal Kezia has managed to deliver a near faultless song that does nothing but add to her growing reputation.

The song comes in four distinctly different parts each verse detaling out a call while the chorus offers the reassuring hand of friendship and support. The first being the initial offer "How you been? how you doing? - I know that there's a lot that you've been through and i tired to call, reach out a hand but I know there's things you're going through i'll never understand".

The second part repeats the initial opening queries but it is clearly a follow up call "It is so sad to see the good times left to ruin but time has passed and things have changed and even though we want them to things never stay the same".

The third verse comes after contact has been been received but it makes clear that this is no temporary thing and the help and support is a permanent offer, "It is so good to see you back up on your feet and i'm glad you called, i'm glad you reached out and i hope you're feeling better now ans I hope you don't forget"

The chorus offers the simple but heartfelt plea that is the title of the song "I'm here". It's simple and effective, delivered beautifully, a gloriously wonderful three minute song.

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