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Jenny June - Take My Hand

The recent "Country On The Coast" festival introduced us to a number of artists local to the area not necessarily seen on the Americana circuit in London and one that caught our eye particularly was Jenny June who showed a great skill in being able to choose and interpret covers that were a little off the beaten path as well as showing superb technique when delivering her own material.

It is one of her own songs that she performed that afternoon that is her latest single "Take My Hand". On the day we noted it was a big ballad with a lot of massive notes to hit and she has managed to capture that without resorting to X Factor over emoting.

For the opening minute or so it is just Jenny singing over a piano backing, as she sets the scene of a couple who have slightly lost their way "so much has happened between us but I think you know, we lost our way got distracted by life, things that we thought were important for us were just overpriced" and reaches the conclusion "All we need is each other standing side by side".

The song gradually builds with the addition of percussion, a wailing background guitar and some backing vocals, however it is Jenny's lead vocal that is the undoubted star of the show here, hitting the big notes time after time yet maintaining absolute control.

If you like this single then certainly go back and check out the previous one "Don't Leave So Soon" which is well worth investigating and shows the same quality vocals in a more rocky setting.

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