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Olivia Lane - So Good It Hurts

The Round Up with Two Ways Home as an event more often than not punches well above its weight and one of the nights that saw insane crowds forming well before doors opening was for the second appearance in 2 days of Olivia Lane. She was riding high on her single "Hey 3AM" and was everything we like in a visiting artist, a great performance and time to speak to her growing crowd of fans.

They will no doubt be out in force for the release of her first single from her new EP "The One" which is called "So Good It Hurts". If "Hey 3AM" showed the more acoustic side to Olivia then "So Good It Hurts" is much more pop orientated and in your face. it's a full on pop production that is pretty much irresistible

This song most definitely finds the positive sides of a relationship and Olivia is positively glowing in her testament - "He's got me feeling like a 100 on the fahrenheit but it's only 65 outside tonight". There is most definitely something of a purr of delight in the delivery of the line "Anybody can look but they can't touch" and a sense of pride in the line "Got me on his arm like a tattoo" that all add to the general feel good nature of this record.

Complete with a hilariously cheeky little video in which Olivia seems to be having an incredibly good time - this could well be one of the songs of the summer.

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