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Joe Martin - Letters Of Regret

One of our predictions for song of the year from the very moment we first heard it performed live at The Round Up with Two Ways Home way back in 2018 has finally surfaced as a recorded version. The first of many versions you can expect to hear over the forthcoming years this will probably be remembered as both the simplest and the best, with the only instruments being Joe's rhythm guitar, Henry Senior's achingly effective pedal steel and a touch of Producer Chris Clarke's bass guitar

Co-written with Tennessee resident Terri Calderon this is songwriting in cinema scope where a while lifetime of events is squeezed into just over 4 minutes. It is almost delivered in split screen as we see two lives unfold in their own ways across the years

The song is told in little flashback vignettes, with the singer initially just a young boy riding with his father the mailman with the final stop being that of his childhood sweetheart. Each verse brings us closer to the present, while he excels at college, her eyes are with "the A List crowd", and while he follows his father to become a mailman she becomes successful working in the last office on his route. Throughout this time he is forever writing letters that he will never post, the letters of regret.

Not wishing to spoil the final verses for the first time listener, let's just assure you that it lives up to the build up we have given it. Joe is able to mix a variety of emotions into his delivery, a hint of pride as he passes his exams, and the sadness that comes as he recalls his inability "to take that fearless step" in a quite stunning performance.

Pretty much faultless in all respects - destined to become one of the best songs of 2019 - it may well prove to be the best - it is that good!!

Letters Of Regret is available on all platforms from May 12th

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