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  • Chris Farlie

Tenille Townes - White Horse

If there was one name that is missing from the forthcoming C2C extravaganza this weekend it is Tenille Townes. having made such an impact during Country Music Week it would have been nice to have seen her again however Dierks Bentley snaffled her for his tour.

Instead we'll have to make do with the new single "White Horse" one of the clutch of excellent songs that she played during that visit, The only version previously available was very much a solo effort which was the format in which she played that year - this single is a completely different beast.

Opening with a pounding drum beat, and piano the song Tenille co wrote with Jeremy' Spillman, and former Silver Seas front man Daniel Tashian soon opens out a flurry of instrumentation and clapping. The chorus retains its punchy charm and thesong powers along at a great pace,

Dealing with how the love you find might not be the one you were expecting where Tenile might have been "looking for roses" and ended up "a little closer to a wild flower".

A definite star in the making.

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