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Laura Evans - Heartstrings

In a time where new releases are being ever more over produced top marks go to Laura Evans for releasing dare i say it a classic country single, no clicks, no superfluous "heys"! just a great single perfectly performed and recorded, not only that but she has also released an acoustic version of the same song which proves the point even more.

The stand out track from her recent Troubadour show, "Heartstrings" written by Laura and a small army of co writers ticks a number of boxes required for a great recording. First of all is the glorious piano that features throughout the track, secondly the lush strings that give it a wonderful texture, and finally and most of important of all is Laura''s voice which has the perfect amount of vulnerability to bring the song vividly to life. The acoustic version is even more a delight, an example of purity and simplicity, no room for trickery just a voice and a piano.

Lyrically it will chime with many people the age old battle of "head versus heart" even though as Laura sings "I know you're no good for me" and the pain felt in the chorus delivered after the line "Would I want to forget you?" is exquisite.


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