Vic Allen - Blinded

Hot off the back of the recent "Write Like A Girl" tour comes the new single from Vic Allen. This will be coming from her forthcoming album and it shows a talent really at ease in the recording studio. This probably captures Vic's best recorded to vocal to date and given the we were huge fans of first 2 EP's that is no mean feat,

This time round it's attached to a sumptuous tune that invites you in, full of strings and gorgeous flourishes of guitar, and piano.

The song builds from its gentle intro and is well constructed, with drum parts gradually joining in and then a second echoing voice in the background before we then get hit with the beautiful strings.

Written in Nashville last year with Ian McConnell. lyrically it deals with the way that you can be blinded by love into not seeing faults in the other person, but how in retrospect the warning signs were always there. It leads to some self analysis and the realisation that "deep down I knew what I was getting into" and that it was "my own stupid fault that I got hurt". It's 3 minutes 40 long but seems to fly past in seconds - just about as perfect a pop single as you could make.

Now with a superb video as well


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