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  • Chris Farlie

Up To You / Say Goodbye - Hattie Briggs

2018 finds Hattie Briggs in the midst of a creative burst like no other, setting herself the target of producing five singles in one year. As the year has progressed though it has become apparent that each single seems to be allowing Hattie to branch into new or at least different areas musically - certainly few i'd imagine had her pegged as a soul diva - but the sound of summer has arrived and it is Hattie who is ushering it in!

Built around a warm soulful bass line, gentle guitar work and a clicking soundtrack comes the most infections of trumpet refrains that just oozes summer and when you layer Hattie's voice over the top of it perfectly capturing the emotion of the song.

The subject matter is that rather sweet yet nervous moment when you've made your feelings known to someone and all it awaits is the reciprocal response. The song puts the ball plainly in the opposition court with a nice play with words "It's not down to me, it's""Up To You"".

A song that captures your heart from the very first play - a surprise summer hit? - let's hope so.!!

Hattie Brigg's second single of the year saw a welcome return to her pushing boundaries with a bit of electronica. A tune that seems to be formed from so little is totally absorbing, the background guitar is simple yet almost steals the show. Lyrically there is a relationship of sorts "where all our time is stolen" and where the teller says "you warned me from the start".. There is lots of drama here where "It's not safe here to fall apart" and there is a degree of fragility on display.

This may be almost heresy but the instrumental backing track is so good that it stands up on its own merits as a release, the guitar becomes even more the focus and is both hypnotic and simply divine.

When all of this is added to the the first single of 2018 "Early Girl" you really get to see what a rich vein if songwriting form that Hattie is currently mining.

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