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O&O Tears In The Rain

One of the highlights of C2C 2018 was a chance to finally catch up with O&O comprised of Obadiah Jones, and Israeli vocalist, Orian Peled. who with their delicious harmonies and general good humour were one of the highlights of the out of the way "Busking Stage".

With a thriving summer of festival appearances booked including of course "Buckle & Boots", O&O have released their latest single "Tears In The Rain".

With a laid back style they are able to conjure up a mini drama and wrap it up in the gentlest of tunes which gradually builds up around you as the song develops, so what starts as a subtle acoustic guitar and drum beat becomes a swirling sound of organs and electric guitar surrounding the beautiful vocals. The opening verse sets the scene of a couple separated, " It’s only a week since you left for New York but it feels like a month or two" however the second verse points at is being something more permanent " I lie to my friends, say I’m doing fine that you’re only out of town "..

This is the third single from O&O and a dig into their back catalogue will find rich pickings from the classic pop stylings of "Coming Over" or "Tel Aviv to Colorado" through the joyful uptempo road journey of "Travellin". They have an impeccable ear for a tune and are sure to garner a summer of praise as they travel around the country.

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