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  • Chris Farlie

Raintown - Run With The Night

Ahead of a forthcoming UK tour comes the latest single from Raintown. It's produced by John McLaughlin who has a host of top production credits to his name although many it has to be said are in the boy band area and seemingly as far away from Raintown as you could imagine.

So it was with some trepidation that we settled down to listen to "Run With The Night", although as it turns out our fears were unwarranted.

He seems to have brought the best out of Team Bain, who could always be relied upon to conjure up a catchy chorus.

While the song could easily have nestled alongside those from their last album the excellent "Writing On The Wall" the production is perhaps even more radio friendly with some heavyish guitars throbbing in the background, a pounding drum beat and a de rigeur chanting section that all go to make an enjoyable three and half minutes.

Curiously it starts on a repeated bass note which brings to mind either the Pixies "Debaser" or U2's "With Or Without You" which would seem unlikely influences though anyone who has seen Raintown live knows that they are not afraid to rock out, and that is something they'll no doubt be doing on their forthcoming UK tour during April and June.

RUN WITH THE NIGHT TOUR – Link for tickets


Thursday 19th AprilRBLTHURSO

Friday 20th AprilThe IronworksINVERNESS

Sunday 22nd APRILThe Cluny 2NEWCASTLE

Monday 23rd AprilFruitHULL

Wednesday 24th AprilStudio 2 – Parr St.LIVERPOOL

Saturday 28th AprilOran MorGLASGOW

Monday 11th JuneThe 100 ClubLONDON

Tuesday 12th JuneHare & HoundsBIRMINGHAM

Wednesday 13th JuneNight PeopleMANCHESTER

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