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Holloway Road - No Place / In The Dark

The first of 2 simultaneous singles by Essex songwriters Holloway Road. Previewed at C2C 2018 where they played for the fourth consecutive year these singles represent the progression of the former masters of high octane stomp!

They are totally at ease within the confines of the recording studio and as ever with any of their releases there is a lot going on that you'll only begin to spot some of the smaller elements after listening multiple times. The attention to detail that goes into the layered vocals is also a pleasure to listen to.

"No Place" was the one that really made us stand up and pay attention at C2C as it saw Rob Gulston make his first live appearance that we had seen as a keyboard player. A slow intro leads into marvelously wordy verses but it is the rising chorus that marks this out as something it has the hallmarks of a classic song let alone a classic country song, with the "I keep on hearing the sound of a melody" line. It also quite possibly harnesses Jack Cooper's best recorded vocals to date. A little mini masterpiece!

"In The Dark" makes a perfect companion piece, a brasher almost at times American sounding song, no more so than during the big old fashioned guitar solo that kicks in two thirds of the way through.

As with the other single it comes with a cast iron chorus with the production and attention to detail once again being spot on.

The verses are shared with Jack taking the first while Rob takes the lead on the second.

Lyrically the song is choc full of references to light and viewing such as "20 20 vision", "telescopes" and "flashlights"

So two simultaneous singles gives you twice as much to enjoy, each worthy additions to the Holloway Road catalogue.


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