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  • Chris Farlie

Vic Allen Quit

Following up on last years fantastic single "Bittersweet" comes a new single from Vic Allen. Initially it sounds as if musically it might follow similar lines with an acoustic guitar opening however just as it reaches the first chorus it opens up into a delicious powerpop chorus with a driving drum beat. It also comes with some real attention to detail in terms of how the vocals are arranged - this is quality stuff without a doubt

The subject matter is knowing when a relationship has to end and as she sings

"It's never easy to admit that something won't turn out ok" - but that is followed by the realisation that sometimes a decision has to be made "No one likes a quitter - it's time to quit!"

It also comes with a great video edited by Vic herself showing no end to her many talents.

Vic also has upcoming live shows so don't miss out

Mar 3 Sat The Golden Star Norwich

Mar 4 Sun Bush Hall London

Apr 2 Mon THE HALF MOON Putney, United Kingdom

#VicAllen #Quit

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