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Joe Martin - Better Than Today

In these days of countdowns for releases it is rare to find an artist who releases songs with such little fuss that it is a wonder they make any ripple at all. This however is a single that is worth shouting about and we will not let it pass without mention! The sound has already developed from that of Joe's debut EP, although initially it is just a strumming acoustic guitar before his vocals kick in to paint a somewhat depressing scene, the morning after a break up. The singer gets up puts his head in his hands, realises that she's "gone it wasn't a dream" and contemplates the horrors of having to start life all over again. Joe it must be said is a proper all out singer, in a style you see very rarely these days, like a young British Roy Orbison!

Just after the 40 second mark the electric guitar and drums kick in and simultaneously they sound sparse and yet loud and in your face like a kick ass band. The tumultuous chorus gradually builds before it ends with the ambition of this man at rock bottom, the aim to make tomorrow "Better Than Today".

The 2nd verse paints an unhappy relationship "You would try to provoke a reaction" however their is still a faint glimmer as he hopes hope "that this might just make you listen"

By the time we return to the chorus the third time round things have changed and the journey to build things back up from the rubble has begun and with a "mountain of mistakes there's a lot to take away". This is a great three and half minutes and is but a taster for more that is to come and I fully expect Joe to become a name on everyone's lips in 2018

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