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  • Chris Farlie

Liv Austen - The Next Time

The first single from Liv's debut album to be released on Paul Hardcastles NUA Entertainment label. This song has been a firm live favourite in Liv's live set for some time now where the audience play a key supporting role.

Sound wise it seems primed for radio, with an opening of a strumming electric guitar and just Liv's voice before it opens up into a perfect piece of pop music, with an unusual chorus in that the hook is based around a backing vocal. The three minutes give Liv a chance to showcase a range of vocal skills, the delivery of the "bye bye bye" at the end has the sound of someone particularly pleased with the decision they have made..

As you would expect with Liv the lyrics are a touch above the average pop song from the very opening lines where her partner is described as no "Prince Charming" more of a "White Knight" who is "easy going - easy gone!" as he's reached the end of his tenure. It's an affirming lyric of that moment when you decide they are "Third time out of second chances".

We know from Liv's shows throughout 2017 that she has amassed a wealth of quality material and the album that this single comes from is eagerly anticipated even if we have to wait until early 2018.

#LivAusten #TheNextTime

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