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  • Chris Farlie

Vic Allen - Bittersweet Single

No sooner had we reviewed her rather wonderful EP “The Missing Piece” then we find out that Vic Allen has a brand new single out. Making an ideal companion piece, “Bittersweet” is about a summer holiday relationship, meeting someone when you are “so far from home”, someone “who helps you to believe in yourself just at a point when you are at a low ebb.

Like all holiday relationships they burn bright and the realisation that “I may never see you again” is hard to accept, in fact the final chorus twists the phrase slightly to say, “I just want to see you again”

It’s a bright and breezy tune just based around 2 acoustic guitars with a little bit of percussion in the background along with some male backing vocals. Vic's vocals gently blend between the retelling of how they came to meet and the sadness that is attached to the final line "I just don't want to go back home again"

There’s a Pledge campaign coming soon, we eagerly await to see what that will deliver.

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