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  • Chris Farlie

Who To Look Out For At Buckle & Boots 2023: Two Ways Home

The first encounter that #TEAMw21 ever had with Two Ways Home was at Buckle & Boots - they turned up with a box of merchandise including a limited number of their "Better Days" EP in hand painted and hand written covers - it was immediately eye catching and different.

Those early EP's had exceptionally high production values for a band just starting off and they've been ever present ever since. For those unaware of Two Way s Home, they are the hosts of the monthly Round Up The Round Up in London is a monthly Songwriters Round that punches well above its weight and has the ability to pull in high profile special guests. It has had a variety of locations but the event quality is always high and recently went on tour outside the metropolis.

Isy and Lewis are always great company - expect Isy's mandolin to make an appearance and Lewis to throw in a guitar solo or two relishing the chance to make a little noise.

We had no qualms about recommending them as a must see at C2C and we were rewarded with a tip top show, making the most of the Icon stage. That day they were a three piece with Michael Clancy joining them as an additional guitarist and it would seem likely that that will be fielding a similar line up at least with maybe a drummer to boot.

Two Ways Home as a band is an occasion that happens less often than maybe it should - though when it does it takes no prisoners - a classic show at The Half Moon still lingers long in the mind.

For those wanting to catch up on their Two Ways Home back catalogue - all of those early EP's now seem to be amalgamated on one bargain CD - "The Evolution" boasting 15 tracks while their debut album "Break The Silence" is also available. In fact Buckle & Boots is promising to be a Two Ways Home Emporium with promises of socks caps and umbrellas for sale, to tie in with their forthcoming single 'Feet On The Asphalt' due on June 2nd

Two Ways Home will be live on The Paddock Stage at Friday at 20:45

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