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  • Chris Farlie

Who To Look Out For At Buckle & Boots 2023 - Robyn Red

If the cover of her forthcoming single is anything to go by there will be little trouble spotting Robyn Red when she arrives. Hailing from Glasgow, Robyn is another of the artists that we'll be seeing for the first time but on the strength of two singles - she has caught our attention.

Last years single "Like A Bullet" came with a somewhat disco drum beat which spoiled it a bit for #TEAMw21, however strip that away and there was undeniably a strong singing voice and well written song.

Her new single "When The Sun Sets" is a different beast entirely - it is the first song composed by Robyn herself and with a thumping back beat, pedal steel and fiddle, this is rip roaring anthemic stuff.

It will be worth trekking to the Paddock Stage to hear this song alone - and if there are 5 or 6 more like that then we could be in for something quite special. On the day we may not get to witness the full on wall of sound that her band would provide - however expect Robyn to provide a feisty facsimile with her guitar and trusty bass pedal - that will be equally as jaw dropping.

Robyn seems to really be putting in the legwork travelling the country successfully building her core fan base so we are treating this very much as a chance to get to see her in intimate surroundings. The Buckle & Boots Paddock Stage has been the springboard for many who are now household names on the UK Americana scene -a chance to raise their profile to another level. Robyn Red may be about to make a similar leap - there is only one way to find out.

Robyn Red will be at The Paddock Stage on Sunday at 13:50

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