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  • Chris Farlie

Who To Look Out For At Buckle & Boots 2023: Katie Nicholas

The first time #TEAMw21 encountered Katie Nicholas was at the third C2C back in 2015 - she was selling her debut cd "Dizzy" with such enthusiasm that we ended up purchasing it without even having seen her perform - she then oddly went on to sign the plastic cd case and not the booklet. It turned out to be one of our wisest purchases as it introduced us to an artist who has richly rewarded us ever since

Our first live encounter with Katie came at 229 with a support slot for a Jenn Bostic album launch and it was everything that we had hoped for. Live encounters since then have been few and far between, trawling the #TEAMw21 archives suggests it was in a support slot with Dexeter at Chalk Farm which is simply far too long a gap. In between times her releases both musical and video never disappoint - "Cabin Fever" released during Lockdown and "Sitting Ducks" from her latest EP "Feather" being just two examples.

This will be Katie's first actual Buckle & Boots appearance - she was slated to appear at the inaugural Buckle & Boots however for whatever reason was unable to appear- here's hoping no "Technical Hitch" stops her appearing this year!!!

Katie Nicholas is playing The Paddock Stage Sunday at 16:30

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