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  • Chris Farlie

Who To Look Out For At Buckle & Boots 2023: Emilia Quinn

After effectively closing out the Paddock Stage last year to a raptuous ovation - it hardly seems necessary to recommend going to see Emilia Quinn yet some may have missed this blistering performance.

Sat next to Emilia briefly in the Paddock Stage tent some 12 months previous - we had told her that we confidently predicted such a future was destined for her and our review of last years show also Nostradamus like said that she was heading for the Main Stage.

Like the best performers she seems to come alive once she takes to the stage, seemingly growing a few inches in stature and giving off an aura of supreme confidence. Our first glimpse of Emilia live had been a good few years earlier at 229 - It was a super London debut and even though there were a few technical equipment glitches on the night, which could have thrown many a performer, it barely phased Emilia and her reaction to it immediately marked her out as being one to watch.

Her recent singles including the just released, reworked version of "Nothing To Lose" have very much incorporated a live element to them and it is this sound we fully expect to blast out from the main stage on Saturday

Expect to be moved, expect to be rocked and expect too be thoroughly entertained!!!

Emilia Quinn hits the Main Stage Saturday at 17:00

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