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  • Chris Farlie

Who To Catch At Long Road - Hannah White

There are many good reasons why you should make a beeline to see Hannah White on Buddy's Good Time Stage however here are just a few:

1) By all accounts Hannah and her band have been the talk of the town at their many Festival appearances this summer.

2) She was one of the first artists to kick off the live music scene post covid - her shows at The Lexington really showed what could be done and helped a somewhat reticent audience regain their appetite for indoor shows once again including #TEAMw21

3) Her last few albums have been 5 star classics and there is a new one coming very soon

4) The Sound Lounge ( enough said - last time we were there we even saw Hannah rolling out an empty barrel! )

5) She has possibly one of the most authentic Country voices of any UK Performer - come along and see if we are wrong!!

6) Her single "Car Crash" was UK Americana Single of the Year 2023 - more importantly #TEAMw21 compared it to being the audio equivalent of a Ken Loach movie remarking "It is utterly compelling and deserving of your attention."!!

Hannah White will be playing Sunday - Buddy's Good Time Bar 12:10 BE THERE!!!

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