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  • Chris Farlie

Who To Catch At Long Road - Danny & The Champions Of The World - With Stage Times

A very good friend of #TEAMw21 has always said that Danny & The Champions Of The World are our finest live band on the Americana circuit - yet somehow the fates had conspired to keep us apart until Saturday in Sutton at Folk In The Park.

Their set was blistering, and with pretty much the same line up as The E Street Band, if Bruce had been born on the Mean streets of er Sutton he would surely sound like this.

The music was so addictive a man to #TEAMw21's right was dancing away despite having a walking stick! Do you research dig out "You Don't Know ( My Heart Is In The Right Place), "Heart & Arrow" and join us and them for what should be one of the most electrifying sets of the weekend

Danny & The Champions Of The World will play Saturday Aug 26th at Buddy's Good Time Bar Stage 21:05

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