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  • Chris Farlie

Who To Catch At Long Road - Amber Saqladi - With Stage Times

Our interest in Amber Saqladi came about when the fickle finger of fate drew out her name and decreed that she should get the 10:15 slot on the showground Stage on the Sunday. If we were going to invest some time getting up early after the night before there had better be a good reason and it seems Amber may well be it.

With only 3 singles to her name it is a bit hard to know quite what we'll get on the day however as each one is a little gem in its own right we feel sure that it will be worth missing a little shut eye for.

"Save Yourself" has some sassy rapid fire lyrics over a pop background, while "Save Yourself" is more of a countryish number. #TEAMw21's personal fave is her latest single "Siren Call" which could be just the thing that is required to wash away any Sunday morning cobwebs with its lovely loud scuzzy guitars over which Amber powers out her lyrics with attitude.

Which Amber will turn up? Who knows but it will be fun finding out

Amber Saqladi - plays Sunday 27th August - The Showground Stage at 10:15!!!

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